Trikkenut 100k

June 9, 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of Claudio Pagan’s Trikkenut 100k endurance ride. Starting in Marina Park in Ventura, California, riders set out on a challenging 20.7 mile loop. The day began after breakfast and ended with a dinner-time barbecue. In between, riders aimed to Trikke three laps to reach a total of 100 kilometers. Riders also got a sneak peak at the all new Trikke T-10 Roadster that Gildo Beleski showed up on.

Seven Trikkers completed the full 100 kilometers, with another putting in two laps for a still-impressive 66.7 kilometers.

3 lap finishers (100 km):

  1. Malote (Mike) Gojcaj
  2. Claudio Pagan (trikkenut)
  3. Angjelko Pancevskl
  4. Gildo Beleski (G)
  5. Juan Ortega
  6. Mimoza Lazarevska
  7. Wilson Wong

2 lap finishers (67 km):

  1. Tim Robinson
  2. Harold Woodward
  3. Douglass Weymouth