How far can you ride a Trikke?

You can ride a body-powered Trikke as far as your level of fitness will allow. Beginners will find that a mile or two is all they can manage, while those who ride regularly typically range from 5 to 30 miles. If you’re used to biking, a good rule of thumb is to say your average Trikke ride will be about 1/2 to 2/3 of the distance you normally cover on your bicycle. The shorter distance is due to a combination of the Trikke’s slower speeds and greater fatigue because you are using your whole body to power it. Avid riders often ride half-centuries (50 miles) and centuries (100 miles) just like their bicycling counterparts.

The ranges of electric models depend on factors such as speed, rider weight, and whether a trail is flat, uphill, or downhill. Riders can extend the posted ranges by carving manually as well, but Trikke Tech posts the following flat terrain ranges on their website:

  • Pon-e 48V: 20 miles
  • Pon-e 36V Lite: 15 miles
  • Freedom: 11 miles
  • Colt: 6 miles