Author: Jamie Makin

LSM Ride – March 30, 2013

Support Trikkers around the world by participating in the first Last Saturday of the Month (LSM) ride for the 2013 season.  I have set up a ride at 10:00 am on March 30 at Rodale Fitness Park in Trexlertown, PA.   This ride is being held in conjunction with the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania: The

Is it Spring Yet?

Thinking of spring . . . Okay, I’m going to do this Monday Mashup a bit differently this week, because unfortunately the progress on my three New Year’s resolutions for last week can be summed up as FAIL, FAIL and FAIL.  I did do two Kettlebell workouts, but that’s about the extent of my success,

A Slight Stumble

Progress on my New Year’s Resolutions: Exercise: Goal met via 3 Kettlebell workouts.  Although I admit it’s been a bit tough to motivate myself to do them, I’m glad I did.  I am feeling stronger and more capable than I was two weeks ago, although I am still taking frequent breaks between exercises. Calorie-Counting: FAIL! 

Puzzled by the Mild Weather

As we conclude a mild weekend here in the Lehigh Valley, I am happy to report that I am feeling better and have enjoyed my first two Trikke rides of the year.  My weekend visit to a friend in Delaware allowed me to rack up 14 miles of riding in her neighborhood, which is blessed

But I Can’t Do It!!

Don’t be surprised when that devious little excuse-maker inside your head spouts out those dreaded words when starting a new exercise program.  When it happens, politely thank that little demon for his opinion, and then figure out how you can do it. Perhaps you’re starting a new kettlebell routine, which is a great way to