Author: Jamie Makin

T12 Foot Deck Replacement

The T12 Roadster is the Trikke of choice for many riders, but the pre-2011 model lacks some of the comforts and amenities found on the current model.  The old sandpaper deck grips are the most glaring deficiency and are likely the first thing that will need to be replaced.  They wear out quickly, and once

The Spring Thaw – Take 2

Everyone knows the old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” This spring has certainly put our resolve to the test as rainy, windy, and even snowy conditions have delayed many of our spring riding plans.  The first casualty was Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania’s LSM scheduled for 3/29 in Warminster Community

The Spring Thaw

It’s sunny now, almost warm, and there’s this funny green stuff poking through the carpet of white in my yard.  My cats are watching the birds flutter about in the bushes beside my window, and the itch to ride my Trikke has become unbearable.  This can mean only one thing . . . IT’S FINALLY

New Year, New Universe

I’d like to interrupt my winter slumber to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and to share some exciting Trikke news.  2013 saw the end of an era as Trikke World Magazine folded unexpectedly, but 2014 has already built a new home for our carving community. I’m thrilled to announce today’s debut of Trikke

A Long Winter’s Nap

I know what you’re thinking . . . didn’t I just have a long autumn’s nap?  I haven’t exactly been writing here for a while, but a long autumn’s nap would be the furthest thing from the truth.  I know it’s easy to throw around the “busy” excuse in this day and age, but “busy”