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If you have been following the news in the Trikke world recently, you will likely have noticed that Trikke Tech, Inc. has launched a crowdfunding campaign where anyone can invest in the future growth of the company. What you likely missed, unless you have thoroughly read through the investment material, is the announcement of six new models to be released over the next two years.

Headlining the list is the new T10 which is slated for release in December 2017. This is the first new information we have received on this model since Trikke’s survey on color preferences several months ago. They describe it as “Top of Fitness line, with a new re-designed aluminum frame.” Most Trikke Universe members primarily ride the fitness models, and the discontinuation of the T8 and T12 has left a void for those of us wanting something bigger than a T78. I know I have started my own hoard of T12s for parts and others have done the same.

Four of the upcoming releases will be electric models geared towards specific users and needs. July 2017 will see the release of the Defender 3WD with full suspension designed for use by security and law enforcement. September 2017 will bring us a Defender Golf model with turf tires and attachment for carrying a golf bag. I have never been interested in golf, but thinking about this model could change that (does anyone here need a caddy?). A new high-end consumer electric model called the Sp33der will hit the market in May 2018, followed the long-rumored off-road electric Bronkko in November 2018.

The final new model announcement is the most mysterious yet possibly most intriguing. In May 2019 they plan to release the Trikke 3JET, an electric jet-ski! This clearly marks a new direction for the company and leaves me longing for more details (and for a house near the water).

Whether or not you decide to invest in Trikke Tech, there are certainly some exciting things coming in the next few years. I remain committed to the fitness models, and I hope to resume riding this summer after a nearly two-year absence while completing college while working full-time. I can’t say enough how excited I am about the T10 even though I have very little information at this point. I love my T8s and T12s equally, as they each have their own strengths depending on where I’m riding, but I hope the T10 can be a nice compromise. I also hope the return of a high-end fitness model will help drive new riders to the sport so we can all start growing our riding groups again.

If you are interested in learning more about investing in Trikke Tech, go to seedinvest for full information.

Disclaimer: At the time of this writing, Jamie Makin is not a Trikke Tech Shareholder.


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