Meet the “Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania”

The carving movement has been gaining momentum on the east coast with an epicenter in southeast Pennsylvania.  A passionate group of riders has overcome the challenges of hilly terrain, brutal winters, and sweltering summers to put Trikking on the region’s map.
Founded in 2009 by Norman Lazarus, the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania uses Meetup.comas its base of operations.  Yours truly stepped up as Assistant Organizer in 2012, and Susan C rounded out our leadership group in 2013.  Having three ride organizers enables us to cover a large geographic area, with Norman in southeast Pennsylvania, Susan near the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, and myself in the Lehigh Valley.
Our membership stands at 50 as of this writing, and a typical ride draws in half a dozen or more Trikkers.  We welcome riders of all skill levels, and are especially friendly to beginners.  Our early season rides in particular offer spare Trikkes for beginners to try, and experienced riders stay near the parking area to give lessons.  Some riders also bring their children and spouses, even if they are riding on roller blades or bicycles.  We’ve even had a small dog run alongside us!
May 2014 LSM – Philadelphia Art Museum
We are committed to hosting LSM rides (Last Saturday/Sunday of the Month) from April to September, and will consider them other months if Mother Nature cooperates.  We’ve had a strong turnout for 2014’s LSM’s so far:
  • March LSM:  6 Trikkers at Warminster Community Park
  •  April LSM:  13 Trikkers at Warminster Community Park
  •  May LSM:  11 Trikkers in Philadelphia (Art Museum, Martin Luther King Blvd, Kelly Drive)
  •  June LSM:  7 Trikkers on the Horsham Power Line Trail

Although we are still working out the locations for the year’s remaining LSM’s, you can pencil in the following dates:  Sat. 7/26 morning, Sun. 8/31 afternoon/evening, Sat. 9/27 morning, and Sat. 10/25.  We are hoping to branch out geographically with some of these rides, and we are looking at Jersey City, Delaware City, Lancaster, and the Jersey Shore as potential destinations.
Chester Valley Trail
In addition to the LSM’s we host 1 or 2 Friday night “Happy Hour” rides at each month on the Chester Valley Trail in Malvern, PA.  This trail is 15 miles long and growing.  The western end is flat and beginner-friendly, while the central and eastern segments feature some gradual but long hills.  We typically choose a 5 mile segment (10 mile roundtrip) for the ride and rotate through the sections to keep things interesting.
You can find more information and ride schedules on our Meetup page at:
We also have an expanded group of “Trikke Riders of Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania” on Facebook at:
Our rides post to both locations in hopes of reaching a larger geographic area.  We hope you will join the carving action on one of our rides soon!
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