The Spring Thaw – Take 2

Everyone knows the old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”
This spring has certainly put our resolve to the test as rainy, windy, and even snowy conditions have delayed many of our spring riding plans.  The first casualty was Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania’s LSM scheduled for 3/29 in Warminster Community Park which was besieged by heavy rains.  The rescheduled ride for 4/5 saw only half the riders able to make it, and even they braved strong headwinds as they taxied up and down the runway on their three-wheelers.  (Yours truly had another commitment that day.)
Several of us met for an impromptu LMM (Last Monday of the Month) ride at Glasgow Park in Delaware.  We were also plagued by raging winds, but enjoyed exploring the park and getting to know each other better.

Norman, Ken, Jamie, Megan, Susan, and Pam at Glasgow Park

I followed this up with a solo ride at Rodale Fitness Park when Tuesday gifted me beautiful weather and an unusually easy commute home.  But this ride was also a reminder of why we must ease back into our fitness regimens, as it left me with sore and strained muscles and a recovery of nearly two weeks.
I rode the electric Pon-e Lite last Monday as I explored the new Michael N. Castle trail in Delaware with Susan, Megan, and Cassidy.  Again, high winds were a constant, but they joy of being outdoors and exploring a new trail with friends gave me the determination to push forward.
Yesterday’s ride on the Palmer Bikeway with new Trikkers Jim and Val finally set me back on the path to recovery, both physically and emotionally.  The weather was as picture-perfect as a day can get, and it was a joy to help my new friends improve their riding skills.  I extended my ride with a solo excursion to the northern end of the trail and back racking up a total of 6 for the day, and 27 for the season so far.  While that may not sound like much, it’s quite an achievement after a solid 5 months of inactivity during the harshest winter in recent memory.
Looking forward, the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania have scheduled April and May LSM’s in some of our favorite locations.  We will return to Warminster Community Park on 4/26, and Trikke on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Philadelphia on 5/31.
I hope to see both old and new friends at these rides, and as we head for another beautiful mid-60 degree day here, I hope we can now safely say that winter is behind us.
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