The Spring Thaw

It’s sunny now, almost warm, and there’s this funny green stuff poking through the carpet of white in my yard.  My cats are watching the birds flutter about in the bushes beside my window, and the itch to ride my Trikke has become unbearable.  This can mean only one thing . . . IT’S FINALLY SPRING!!!!
If you live in the northeast, my mind’s eye sees you nodding in agreement as you read this.  If you don’t, I can feel your deep sigh of relief since you’ve no doubt heard our horror stories about one of the harshest winters in decades.
As I re-read my last few posts here, I realize my winter has not been as productive as planned.  My dreams of writing and web designing were replaced with almost daily shoveling, snow-blowing, and ice-breaking.  My aching body decided it wanted to do nothing more afterwards than to curl up on the couch with my cats and read “Game of Thrones.”  Winter truly did come (I love you Ned Stark, but did you have to be right about that?!), and I suppose I picked a great season to read the series as the weather outside set the mood and atmosphere to bring Westeros to life.  But now it’s finally time to snap myself out of my winter slumber and march myself down the Kingsroad to my stable of Trikkes.
Spring ahead . . .
Luckily all has not been lost this winter.  The Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania picked up several new members during the deep freeze, bringing our total to 45.  And we have set our first LSM ride for March29 at Warminster Community Park.  As of this post we have 12 riders signed up, and surely more will join us with the ride still two weeks away.
If you haven’t ridden with us here before, please consider joining us.  This is one of our most popular ride locations, and it is well-suited to riders of all skill levels.  The entire concrete runway is open for riding, as well as paved trails around the park’s perimeter and across the street at Northampton Municipal Park.
Whether you are looking to carve your very first mile, sweat out an epic 20-miler, or do something in between, this park will give you the ride you’re looking for.  I am eagerly joining this ride, although I may only be able to do a few miles as I seek to reclaim the energy and fitness I lost over the winter.
I am also considering this blog “reopened” for the season, and I still hope to launch a companion website soon.  Elise Bennett’s Trikke Universe has grown well over the winter, and you can read my Keystone Karvers blog there as well.
Winter may have gotten us down for the count, but it’s time to spring back into shape.  I hope all of you are done digging out of the mess and heading for the trails soon too.
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