PA Trails – Chester Valley Trail – Part 1

A nice shaded tunnel under Swedesford Road

Malvern, Pennsylvania is home to the small but growing Chester Valley Trail.  This Trikke-friendly stretch of asphalt currently runs five miles from the Wegman’s on South Morehall Road to the trailhead near the Valley Creek Corporate Center.  It will ultimately be part of a larger inter-connected trail network, and will meet with the Schuylkill River Trail to the east and the Enola Low Grade Trail to the west.

Looking east from the western end
For now though, there is plenty of asphalt laid for a good Trikke ride, as well as several convenient places to park.  Both the trailhead at Church Farm Lane and the Battle of the Clouds Park have ample parking and real restrooms.  You could also park at the Wegman’s, which can double as a good place for food and drink after the ride.
The trail is mostly flat, and the majority of the grades are so slight that even a beginner can handle them.  The only challenging hills are alongside the Wegmans, across the street from Wegman’s, in the vicinity of Knickerbocker Lane, and a construction detour under the Route 202 overpass.  The asphalt is new, smooth, and clear, although the tree cover on the eastern half will likely cover the trail with debris in autumn.
Donna at the end near Wegman’s
Although the trail passes through a few housing developments, the pedestrian traffic is less than you would expect, making for a pleasant Trikke ride.  You do have to watch out for some faster road bikers, but this is less of an issue here than it is on the longer Schuylkill River Trail.  There are several road crossings, three of which are quite busy, but the drivers of cars were very courteous in letting trail traffic through.
To be continued . . .
I rode this trail last Friday on my own for 9.65 miles, followed by a longer outing with Donna (Lake Erie Trikke) for 10.84 miles on Sunday.  We had a wonderful time on the trail, and I anticipate hosting future rides here in conjunction with the TrikkeRiders of Pennsylvania.
You can see the map of last Sunday’s ride here:

And for more information about the Chester Valley Trail and the larger network of current and future Southeastern Pennsylvania trails, you can visit

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