Group Ride – Doylestown Central Park

The Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania scheduled a mid-month ride in Doylestown Central Park, because most of our regulars won’t be available for July’s LSM Ride.  Six riders met for the hilly 8.5 mile challenge, despite the sultry weather.

We warmed up with a loop through the neighborhood trail across the street from the park.  This shaded trail wound between the houses and the creek, followed by a long but gradual hill climb back up to Wells Road.
After trading riding tips and checking out each other’s Trikkes in the parking lot, we began the longer ride through the park, through a neighborhood, past an elementary school, and out to an office park where we completed two long laps.  The group exercised great restraint at not jumping into the fountain to cool off after our photo session!
Come on in, the water’s fine!
From there we rode a short trail into a cul-de-sac of a quiet residential street.  This road was a veritable Trikke rollercoaster!  Some of us made it back up some of the hills, but all of us had to walk at least some point.  I believe we could’ve done more had it been a cooler day, but by this point fatigue was setting in.
Our return to the park looped us around its small pond, and past the Kid’s Castle which was closed for renovation.  All of us grown-up kids on our big 3-wheelers are eagerly awaiting the reopening of the castle as an excuse to return.  I can’t say how much Trikking will occur, as we’ll likely be busy climbing the castles spires!
Two new riders joined us in Doylestown: Dave for his first ride, and Susan for her second.  Susan has been so enthused about riding her new Trikke that she is looking to set up some rides in southern and northern Delaware.  So look for this group to continue to grow and feature new rides in new locations.
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