Lehigh Valley Trikke celebrates its first anniversary!!

WOW!!!!  I can’t believe a full year has flown by since I made my first post here.

I remember when I bought my first Trikke, one of my main hesitations was whether I would actually stick with riding it.  And when I started this blog, I had the same fear.  I conceived of the idea for this blog during an energizing Trikke ride.  I came home and started it spontaneously that day, but then wondered what would happen when my initial burst of enthusiasm wore off.
So what happened after that initial burst of enthusiasm wore off?
Well, it hasn’t worn off!  I still Trikke regularly, and I have more ideas now than when I started the blog.  So many ideas in fact, that this blog is on the verge of morphing into something bigger and better.
What is that ‘something’?
Well, there’s actually two ‘somethings’!!  I can’t tell you the specifics just yet, because I am in the beginning stages of getting them off the ground.  But if you stay tuned, there are going to be several announcements over the coming weeks.
But first I’d like to look back to celebrate the highlights of this blog and my life during the past year:

The next year and beyond promises more riding and more adventure.  Thank you to all who have visited here and shared your journeys with me along the way.  I can’t wait to share the next phases of this blog’s evolution with you!
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