LSM Ride – Taking Off in Warminster Community Park

The oppressive summer heat wave and threat of thunderstorms were no match for the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania who came out in force for the June LSM ride at Warminster Community Park.  While temperatures reached for the triple-digits, our attendance surged to the double digits, with ten Trikkers making this one of the group’s most successful rides.

Filing our new flight plan

Long-time members Norman, Jamie, Trent, Greg, Gonda, and Dave were joined by newcomers Joan, Donna, Susan, and her husband (whose name I regrettably did not get).  For Dave, this was a recovery ride, his first after he and his Trikke lost a street fight with a manhole cover last summer.  Donna, an avid Trikker and newly certified Trikke Trainer from Ohio, joined us as part of her summer tour to Trikke with groups in different states.  Joan had joined us as a Trikke newbie last month, and with Norman’s generous loan of a T78cs, her riding skills have improved considerably.  Susan and her husband were new riders this month, and are also doing well with learning the basics.

Because of the diverse riding abilities of the attendees, we split into two separate groups.  Norman stayed at the west end of the runway with Joan, Susan, and her husband to help train them, while Norman, Trent, Greg, Gonda, and I headed down the runway for our ride.
Our takeoff was soon aborted though, as the east end of the runway was barricaded for an autocross competition.  Fortunately Warminster Community Park has a large network of trails that circle the runway, so we filed a new flight plan and cruised down those paths instead.  We hit a patch of turbulence as our guest Donna took a tumble after cresting a hill.  Fortunately Donna is doing well, suffering only minor cuts and bruises, and we were able to continue the ride.
Front Row: Greg & Norman, Back Row: Gonda, Dave, Joan, Trent, Donna, Susan & her husband

Crossing over to Northampton Municipal Park, we met up with Dave who was joining us for his first ride since his Trikke accident.  We circled the trails in Northampton for a while before returning to base at Warminster to check in with Norman and our new riders.  Everyone was having a great time meeting each other, comparing notes, and posing for a group photo.

Comparing notes after the day’s ride

It was there that we were all treated to the highlight of the day.  When you get a group of Trikkers together, it’s inevitable that strangers will come up and ask about the curious machines you are riding.  We were approached by a 78 year old retiree, who was intrigued by what we were doing.  Norman helped him onto my T8, and he took to it like a fish takes to water, riding a short ways up the runway and back like a pro!  What a way to show that you’re never too old to ride or to try something new.

The group split off after the photo shoot, with a few of us opting for another lap of Warminster Community Park.  I have to confess that the heat of the day had finally worn me down.  I started strong, but took a shortcut back when exhaustion got the best of me.  My GPS app wasn’t working for some reason, but I would estimate I had ridden about seven miles for the day.  Others did more or less, depending on their choice.  That is one of the advantages of riding at these two parks; each rider can do as much or as little as he or she desires, while the gathering remains fun for everyone.
Jamie’s out from behind the camera for once!

I am delighted and enthused with how this group is growing and maturing this year.  Pennsylvania does not have the inherent climate and terrain advantages that California and Florida do for building communities of Trikkers, yet we are well on our way to being one of the larger groups that log LSM rides each month.  If you have not yet ridden with us, I’d encourage you to join one of our upcoming rides.

Our next ride will of course be the final Saturday of July, the 27th.  Norman and I would like to seek out some new venues, and will be scouting a few more southeastern Pennsylvania parks in the next week or two.  So go ahead and mark your calendar for 7/27, and stay tuned as we will be announcing the location as soon as we make a decision.

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