LSM Ride – Martin Luther King Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

Riding my Trikke in the City of Brotherly Love was not something I ever thought I would do, until Norman from the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania told me about the closure of Martin Luther King Boulevard every Saturday and Sunday morning for recreational use.  That conversation was over a year ago, and I’ve been looking forward to this ride ever since.  Finally, we decided to do it for our April LSM ride.

And we couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to do it!  It was a picture-perfect, sunny and 70-degree spring morning.  Our group formed at 30thStreet Station, since three of the five riders were arriving via rail.  That’s another testament to the advantages of owning a Trikke; they fold up easily and are light enough to carry onto public transportation.
Left to Right: Norman, Matt, Joe
Matt, who we had met in Warminster last year, returned for his second ride with the group.  Then we had two new members who were both Trikking for the first time.  Wanda is a resident of Philadelphia, while Joe had traveled from Lancaster, PA to be with us.
We were happy to help them learn the basics of riding the Trikkes, as we headed down Market Street and crossed the Schuylkill River.  This led us down a long ramp to the popular Schuylkill River Trail, and we had to thread out way through the crowd of walkers, joggers, and bicyclists to get to Martin Luther King Boulevard.
Philadelphia’s Boat House Row
From there, the ride really began in proper as we carved past the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The two-lane road soon widened to four-lanes, and without the usual vehicular traffic, we had carving room to spare as we shared the road with the bicyclists.  To our right was the river and Boathouse Row.  I had only ever seen this landmark from the highway before, and it was a joy to finally get a closer work.  Many rowers were on the river enjoying the beautiful day as well.

We continued north to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge, enjoying the fresh air and each other’s company.  After a brief rest in the shade of the bridge, we returned to the Art Museum, just in time to avoid the re-opening to traffic.  We had a nice chat about all-things-Trikke at the top of the Market Street Bridge before parting ways.
All told, we rode 11 miles and got to enjoy the rarity of a wide-open city road.  Thank you for joining me today, Norman, Matt, Joe & Wanda!!  I hope I will be seeing all of you at future rides.
Leaving Center City in our rear-view mirrors
I will be hosting the next LSM ride at Warminster Community Park, which has an old airport runway and a sprawling network of trails around it.  This is a park we ride at frequently, and it is wide open and perfect for all skill levels.  We will break with tradition and hold it the next-to-last Saturday on May 18 to avoid conflicts with Memorial Day weekend.  Stay tuned here and at the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania’s Meetup site for more details.
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