LSM Ride – March 30, 2013

Support Trikkers around the world by participating in the first Last Saturday of the Month (LSM) ride for the 2013 season.  I have set up a ride at 10:00 am on March 30 at Rodale Fitness Park in Trexlertown, PA.   This ride is being held in conjunction with the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania:

The summit of “Mount Rodale”
We’ve all endured a harsh winter, and everyone will join this ride with varying levels of fitness.  The beauty of the Rodale Fitness park is it’s a closed-circuit that will allow each rider to do as much or as little riding as he or she wishes.
The 0.6 mile inner loop is partially flat, with some slight inclines.  All but the very beginners will be able to handle this loop with ease, and it is a great place to ease into riding season.  The 1.3 mile outer loop features a 4.5 percent grade climb if you’re up to the challenge.  Ride one loop, or ride them both.  Everyone can ride at their own pace, while staying in touch with the other riders.
Ample carving width for Trikkes
The other beauty of this circuit is that it is three lanes wide.  The left lane is for walkers, the center lane is for inline skaters, and the right lane is for bicyclists.  The middle lane is under-utilized and is ideal for Trikkes.  I have Trikked it many times, and even if there’s a skater or two using it, we’re typically riding at the same pace.  This trail is wide enough that there’s little concern about blocking other riders, or in being blocked by pedestrians.
We will meet at 10:00 am in the parking lot off of Mosser Road.  I will have two extra T78’s to lend to anyone who needs one, or wishes to try a Trikke for the first time.  I will not set an end time for this ride, and everyone can stay as long as they’d like.
I hope you will consider joining us for this first LSM ride of the year.  If you are not a member of the MeetUp group, I would highly recommend joining.  If you decide not to, you can also RSVP via the comment option here.  I would like to know who’s coming so I make sure I catch up with everyone.  If you’re coming to try a Trikke for the first time, please let me know and I’ll arrange to be there early to teach you the basics of riding.
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