Starting Your Spring Success Story

You don’t need me to tell you what a long and grueling winter it has been here in the Lehigh Valley.  Everyone I know is starting to climb the walls in anticipation of spring.  We never know exactly when that first nice day will arrive, but we know it will be soon.  It could happen next week, or it could take another month.

So when that first warm day finally graces you with its presence, and you eagerly mount your Trikke for the first ride of the year, how will you know if your efforts at dieting and exercising over the winter have paid off?  What exactly does success look like after you’ve been cooped up indoors all winter?
I’ve decided that I can’t measure my fitness level by where I left off last fall.  Despite my devotion to my kettlebell workouts all winter, I need to face reality and admit that I have still lost some ground.
  • 2012 Record Bike Ride = 23 miles
  • 2012 Record Trikke Ride = 21 miles

Instead, I need to look at where I was last year this time.  And boy was I a mess!!  Years of sedentary living had taken their toll on me, and my first bike and Trikke rides were short ordeals that left me breathless.
  • 2012 First Bike Ride = 6 miles
  • 2012 First Trikke Ride = 2 miles

It’s great to reflect upon last year’s journey, because it’s clear I made great strides towards a healthy lifestyle.  Although there’s no mathematical formula that can tell me where I should be at the start of 2013, I’m looking for a number somewhere between last year’s minimums and maximums.  I’m also going to base it on what I felt an average ride was for me for most last summer.  With that in mind, here’s how I will define my success going into this spring:
  • 2013 First Bike Ride Goal = 15 miles
  • 2013 First Trikke Ride Goal = 10 miles

Technically I’m cheating a bit here, given that I already did a 10 mile Trikke ride a month ago when we had an unseasonably warm day.  But time has passed since then, and being able to repeat that distance will let me know that my efforts since then have paid off.
You should also take a step back and assess where you feel you should be with your riding when those sunny, warm days return.  Setting your expectations for your first ride will also help motivate you to keep up with your indoor workouts in the meantime.
Speaking of which, how am I doing with my indoor workouts?  Those of you astute enough to realize I missed my scheduled post last Monday might be wondering if I’ve fallen off the wagon.  Well, luckily I haven’t.  Last week was one of those “life happens” types of weeks, and I just ran out of hours before I could post.  However, I’m happy to report that I’m on target with my exercise goals.  I have completed three kettlebell workouts for each of the last two weeks, and I feel fantastic!!  This brings me to the end of the 5th week of the 6 week long Kettleworx program, and the finish line for that goal is in sight.
So how are you doing as you prepare to emerge from your winter hibernation?  What will your success story look like as you ride your bike or Trikke for the first time this year?
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