A Slight Stumble

Progress on my New Year’s Resolutions:

Exercise: Goal met via 3 Kettlebell workouts.  Although I admit it’s been a bit tough to motivate myself to do them, I’m glad I did.  I am feeling stronger and more capable than I was two weeks ago, although I am still taking frequent breaks between exercises.
Calorie-Counting: FAIL!  I am over my calorie count by an indeterminate amount.  I got very busy at work in the early part of the week, and also spent most of the week in a mental funk.  These two things kept me from entering my calories in to the Lose-It! app, and also led me to make poor eating decisions involving candy bars and donuts.  This is the time when most people lose their initial enthusiasm for their resolutions, and will declare their efforts a failure because of a small slip-up.  Although it’s frustrating, I’m looking at this as just a small stumble on a longer journey, and I will vow to come back strong next week.
Having Fun: Goal met – Knowing this was my last week before returning to my part-time studies, I made an extra effort to do some enjoyable things, and more importantly, I tried not to feel guilty for it.  Last night, I treated myself to dinner at SaladWorks then went to see Zero Dark Thirty.  This was an enjoyable and much needed night out for me.  I also downloaded Bejeweled to my smartphone, enjoying an old favorite that I hadn’t played in years.
As we struggle through the winter blues, remember that you are not alone if you have succumbed to it. Warmer days are ahead, but for now we must battle the blues and let ourselves recover from any of the seasonal viruses may catch.  Here’s some articles about how others in the Trikke Community are coping with the same woes:
And if you are thinking of hitting the slopes for the re-located TrikkeSkii Inn, here’s a great primer for you.
For the next week, remember to keep the bigger picture in mind.  It may not be a lot of fun working out indoors, but keep doing it so you’re in top form for riding your Trikke when the good weather returns.
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