LSM Ride – Storming into Warminster

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining two fellow members of the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvaniafor our October LSM ride in Warminster, PA.  I had met Trent at June’s Riding Clinikk in Philadelphia, but this was our first chance to ride together outside the Clinikk.  Our newest member, Matt, had attended the Clinikk as well, but was in the Sunday session instead of the Saturday one that Trent and I were in.

LSM Rides are “taking off” around the world
It wasn’t the prettiest day weather-wise, but the overcast skies and temperatures in the mid-60’s suddenly looked inviting compared to the forecast for the coming days as Hurricane Sandy moves up the east coast.
We began our ride with a sweeping circle of the outer trails in Warminster Community Park.  I was riding my new T8 Sport, while Trent and Matt were both on their T12’s.  After finishing our first loop, we carved up the former Willow Grove Air Base runway then crossed the street to Northampton Municipal Park.
I had never fully explored there yet, so we chose our journey somewhat randomly from the myriad of trails.  Both of these parks are ideal for carving.  Despite their popularity, there are enough trails to allow everyone to spread out, so you’re not constantly dodging joggers and bikers.  The parks had a few more hills than I remembered, but we all relished the chance to get a good workout on them.
Our return trip down the old airport runway gave us a chance to take in the sights and sounds of a local display of fire trucks, police car, and ambulances.  There was even a Medivac helicopter, which landed while we were riding.  At the end of our ride, we had a chance to mingle with the locals who were fascinated by our three-wheel toys.
As we parted ways, I savored the memories of the ride, knowing that with the coming hurricane it may be a while until I can hit the trails again.
The Trikkes weren’t the only cool toys on this ride.
At this time, I am uncertain of my plans for LSM rides for November and December, given that both Saturdays fall within days of major holidays.  I may set up rides here in the Lehigh Valley, and if anyone wants to come I would certainly welcome their company.  I’m just not sure I want to set up rides that take me an hour or two to drive to, only to end up riding alone.
Trent, Matt and I kicked around some great ideas for LSM rides for next year though.  These will include the nearby Horsham Power Line Trail, the Chester Valley Trail in Exton, PA, and a boardwalk and in-town ride in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Stay tuned for information on these and other upcoming group rides.  In the meantime, stay safe through Hurricane Sandy, and look forward to some sunnier days when we can get back to riding our Trikkes.
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