LSM Ride Reminder – October 27, 2012

This is just a quick reminder about Saturday morning’s LSM ride.  Our initial ride will start at 10:00 am and cover approximately 4 miles.  We will ride to the east end of the runway, do a counterclockwise loop of the park then return down the runway to the starting point.

My current skill level allows me to do 8 to 10 miles in a day, so I will lead an additional part of the ride for those who wish to join me.  We will head back up the runway, cross to Northampton Municipal Park and complete a clockwise loop.  Returning to Warminster Community Park, we will head down the runway back to the parking lot.  This will add an additional 3.5 to 4 miles to the ride.  From there we can decide what, if any, additional riding we wish to do.
For more information, please visit:
I hope you can join us on Saturday for a great autumn ride.  Please RSVP here or on the MeetUp site if you plan to attend.

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