Faith Can Move Mountains

You would think after I conquered Mount Rodale Saturday and completed my longest ride ever, I would have been content to sit back and relax.  But as fate would have it, I would be back on my Trikke and heading to the Pocono Mountains for a longer and more challenging ride on Sunday.

I first met Trainer Tara and her husband Tom from Northeast Trikke at June’s Trikke Academy in Philadelphia.  Tara made her Trikke World Magazine writing debut last week, as she inspired us with her story of learning to ride on terrain that can intimidate all but the hardiest Trikkers:
I was thrilled to head up north yesterday to ride with Tara, Tom and their friend Yarrow, who is just learning to ride herself.  (And doing quite well, I might add!)  Apart from a few group rides in southern Pennsylvania, I always ride solo here in the Lehigh Valley, so I jumped at the chance to make some new friends and enjoy their company as I explored a new area.
Trikking’s more fun with friends!
Riding on hilly streets and sidewalks, a few with crumbling surfaces, can be quite tough, but the endorphins from Saturday’s ride were still coursing through my veins as I embraced the new challenge. I’ve been doing 10 mile rides on relatively flat trails for a while now, feeling that was the extent of my abilities.  It is easy to become complacent when we exercise, and that is why riding with friends can really encourage you to push yourself to the next level.  That’s exactly what happened on this ride, as I was overjoyed to complete 12 grueling miles, setting a new personal record.  A few short months ago, I would have backed away from such a ride, feeling that it was impossible for me.  But having persevered has rekindled my faith in my ability to tackle increasing challenges.
Thank you Tara, Tom and Yarrow for allowing me to join you on this awesome adventure!!
Tara plans to host regular group rides on Sunday afternoons, and all are welcome to join in the fun.  I will be riding with them as often the weather and my schedule permit.  If you would like to challenge yourself to conquer this great terrain, contact Northeast Trikke for more information.
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