LSM Ride – Pounding the Pavement in Pottstown

Today I carved into new territory by hosting my first LSM ride in Pottstown, PA.  I’d like to thank Katie, Norman and Greg for joining me on this enjoyable ride via the Trikke Riders of Pennsylvania Meetup group.

We began by riding the planned 6 miles on the Schyukill River/Thun Trail.  It was a bit chilly and overcast, but once we started carving it was plenty comfortable.  The trail was a slight climb from our starting point on College Road.  We reached the Grosstown Road parking lot, which was as far as we could go before the trail turned to gravel.  The ride back was smoother, and we had a few nice down hills to reward our efforts.
When we returned to the parking lot, Norman was astute enough to notice markers indicating that the trail continued across the street and into town.  We bid farewell to Greg, then the three of us continued to explore new territory.  The trail crossed the train tracks then joined East High Street, the main drag through town.  We were thrilled to find a dedicated bike lane on each side of this street, and rode it to Madison Street.  We turned around and headed back towards the start. This is a challenging ride, as many sections are a steady climb, and you have to be mindful of the vehicular traffic.
We were almost back and starting to feel fatigued, when we found a nice pizza and sub shop that beckoned us in for lunch.  This was a great chance to chat and get to know each other better, as well as get a much needed rest.  By the time we returned to the parking lot, we had covered 9.7 miles, which was a great distance for all of us.
I really enjoyed this ride, and the company of my fellow Trikkers.  I’m looking forward to the next LSM ride, which will be at Warminster Community Park on October 27, 2012.  This ride is open to everyone, and we would love to make some new friends, so come out and join us!  Information on the next ride can be 
found at:
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