T.G.I.F. = Trikke Gal’s Intense Friday

Since I bought my Trikke, my life has been reduced to two basic types of moments; the times I’m riding my Trikke, and the times I’m thinking about riding my Trikke.  But sometimes those thoughts of riding lead to frustration, as the demands of life eat into my time for riding.
Today began as one of those days.  Although my day at the office was calm and productive, as it drew to a close I began to stress about the overbearing to-do list for the weekend ahead.  Now what’s wrong with that picture?  How did I go from TGIF to dreading the weekend?
Luckily my Trikke staged an intervention, as it insisted I finally explore the northern part of the Schuykill River Trail despite the mounting pressures elsewhere.  The cool evening air and nearly empty trail became my sea of tranquility.  The traffic on the nearby highway softened to a dull drone, while the cricket chirps from the bushes began cheering me on.  With my warmed up muscles, I felt fluid and one with the Trikke.  I carved my beloved little green and black T78 down the black ribbon of asphalt that divided a thicket of green trees and bushes.
The flat and smooth trail encouraged me to practice some of the riding lessons I had recently learned at the Trikke Academy.  I practiced “walking the Trikke” and standing on my tiptoes to get more leverage with each carve.  As always, my Trikke responded to each subtle input, but tonight the response turned into a more than subtle surge of forward momentum.
I celebrated the moment knowing I had found the “next gear”, and had overcome one of my ongoing riding challenges.  For the first time, I was sustaining more power from my legs than from my arms.  I felt the cool breeze caress my cheeks as I carved faster, and my mind shifted to living in this wondrous moment.  Gone were the pressures of work, school and personal matters.  What happened before and what is yet to come simply dissolved into the ether.
Although I never actually wrote “explore Schuykill River Trail” and “ride Trikke better by getting more power from my legs” on this weekend’s to-do list, my whole outlook on the next few days has improved by beginning my weekend by checking off this success.  Whatever your weekend plans are, be sure to carve out some quality time with your Trikke.  You never know when it’s going to put you on the path to a better state of mind.
Carvé diem!
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