Accidental Discovery

Sometimes things happen when we least expect them.  Take today for example when it seemed that I had really screwed up badly.  All weekend I had intended to set out on Sunday morning to explore Trexler Memorial Park in Allentown on my Trikke.  I was really psyched for checking out a new riding spot.
But rewind to yesterday . . . it was the first comfortable day in about two weeks as our heat wave finally subsided.  I mowed the lawn in the afternoon, and then got really ambitious about cleaning up the yard that had been largely neglected this year.  So out came the weed-whacker, and after an hour or so of attacking all the places the lawnmower can’t reach, I was left with a beautiful yard . . . and two arms that hurt so badly I wished they would fall off.  I didn’t feel much better when I woke up this morning, so the Trikke ride was scratched off the day’s agenda.
But it was 70 degrees, overcast, and generally quite comfortable and I really didn’t want to stay cooped up inside.  I decided a bicycle ride would be a nice compromise between giving my arms a rest while letting the rest of me get some much needed fresh air and exercise.  Because I was still craving a new riding spot, I decided to explore some of the D&L Trail near Easton, PA.  Despite my love of the Trikke, I do still bike regularly, and I use those opportunities to ride the Lehigh Valley’s many gravel trails that are inaccessible to the Trikke.
I had never ridden the canal path between Hugh Moore Park and downtown Easton before, so I pedaled in that direction and made a delightful discovery . . . that 2.5 mile section of trail is paved!  Voila!!  A new Trikke riding place!
There are a few caveats to this discovery.  It’s a very narrow path and although it’s mostly flat, there are a few hills that might be too much for me to handle on the Trikke right now.  There was also a complete trail blockage by trees that were downed in last Wednesday’s storm, but I would guess they will remedy that soon.  Because I was on my bicycle, I was able to hop onto the gravel trail that paralleled the paved trail to get around this obstacle.  Finally, on the eastern end of the trail, some of the pavement is somewhat lumpy and broken up.
That said I will be planning a trip there in the near future with the Trikke to get a better feel for it, and to provide a complete write-up and map.  Across the river, there’s a 2-mile paved stretch of the D&L Trail running from Riverview Park off 25thStreet west to the boat launch near the Route 33 overpass.  This section of trail is wider and completely flat except for one tiny hill.  If you’re looking for a place to Trikke in the area, this certainly would be a nice choice, and it provides beautiful views of the Delaware River while you ride.
There’s a short section of public road that connects Riverview Park and Hugh Moore Park.  Vehicular traffic was almost non-existent on Lehigh Drive, but the road surface itself is very rough.  The Hill Street Bridge is also closed for construction, although I was able to cross it on the sidewalk.  If you’re able and willing to Trikke this short stretch, you can combine both trail sections for a ride that’s about 5 ½ miles each way.
Despite the difficulties, I was thrilled to make this discovery today, and when I return to the area with the Trikke I will post a full trail review.  In the meantime, I’m hoping my arms are recovered enough by tomorrow to take the Trikke to Trexler Memorial Park.

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