The T10 Enters Production

Pre-production rendering of black and blue T10 Roadsters
Pre-production rendering of black and blue T10 Roadsters

The T10 Roadster crowdfunding campaign has ended, and while the requisite 150 orders were not quite reached, Trikke Tech. has nonetheless committed to moving forward with the production of this highly-anticipated model. Designed as a compromise between the now out-of-production T8 Sport and T12 Roadster, the T10 will fill the need for a premium, adult-sized model in Trikke’s body-powered lineup.

Although details are sparse right now, it is anticipated that the T10 pre-orders will be delivered in Spring 2018. The T10 is available for purchase directly from Trikke Tech’s website at the regular retail price of $999. It is available in black or blue, but without any of the perks offered during the crowdfunding campaign. Several Trikke dealers have pre-ordered multiple T10’s, so check to see if you can able to obtain one locally.

On a personal note, I have pre-ordered a blue T10 and will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.


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