THE LINK: Trail Network launches website

If you live in the Lehigh Valley or have visited here in recent years, you likely know we have one of the most extensive trail networks in the northeast. If not, there’s a new website to help you start exploring. Even if you’re an experienced area rider, there’s still much to be learned here as

Invest in Trikke

If you’re a fan of Trikkes, now is you chance to own a piece of the company that created these three-wheel wonders. Trikke Tech, Inc. has launched a crowd-funding investment campaign that offers you an opportunity to share in the company’s future successes. With the recently launched Pon-e 48V two-wheel drive and the crowd-funded T10

The T10 Enters Production

The T10 Roadster crowdfunding campaign has ended, and while the requisite 150 orders were not quite reached, Trikke Tech. has nonetheless committed to moving forward with the production of this highly-anticipated model. Designed as a compromise between the now out-of-production T8 Sport and T12 Roadster, the T10 will fill the need for a premium, adult-sized